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Steffie is a well-known London based DJ and dance music producer. The project was to migrate DJ Steffie’s ‘Steffie Music’ webpage from its community hosting on to a self-hosted platform. The migration project also incorporated a dramatic redesign and improved functionality using WordPress as a content management system.

In terms of the visual design of the Steffie Music page, she wanted a strong, image-lead news feed as a way of communicating with her fans. Each of her news items contains a thumbnail image to achieve this. The header and leaderboard banners are slightly transparent to put emphasis on the news thumbnails, fading in to full opacity when the mouse hovers over them. Each post’s title fades in when you mouseover the image, which forms the hyperlink to the article. Her news feed uses Infinite Scroll to load older posts directly onto the same page instead of navigating away.

DJ Steffie hosts regular events in and around London, including BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic/Party) and The Cocktail Club, which both have community pages on Facebook. To connect users of Steffie’s site with all the projects and social platforms she uses, widget’s down the left-hand side of the site are treated in the same graphical style as the news thumbnails. Check out

Steffie Music

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