IamSnowfox. creates ├╝ber-cute fluffy woollen creatures and handcrafts. Using only organic wool, each creation receives the same painstaking hand-made attention to detail, making each creature uniquely individual. The most important aspect of creating the perfect IamSnowfox. logo was that it look and feel as cute as the creatures she creates.

Chasing the Tail

Search for “snowfox” images on Google and you’ll likely find a plethora of wildlife photographs of the decidedly cute creature, so to begin with we set about finding the best way to capture the Arctic Fox using line, which is one of the most elegant design elements when used correctly. According to most sources, cuteness can be characterised by the presence of childlike features like a proportionately large head and eyes. Using the tail and body’s form to keep the logo round and using simple lines that allow the eyes to become the focal point helps to give it the cute look she was after.

The typography needed to fit with the lines used to depict the fox, and a brush script was the starting point for this. The typography was painted by hand using ink and brush. Keeping the lines and type two different shades of grey emboldens the simplicity and form of the logo, and means it fits with most any colour background. The IamSnowfox. creations do come in a variety of different colours too…