FSCon Feuershow

FSCon (Feuer Show Convention) is the largest annual gathering of fire artists and jugglers from Germany who converge on a forest near Kassel to showcase their skills and share ideas, knowledge and flames with each other.

The organisers, Feuershow Deutschland, required a logo to use on flags around the firespace as well as on promotional material, one that walked the ‘slackline’ between symbolising the mechanics and playfulness of their artform and the element of fire. Depicting the many disciplines of fire artists through one symbol was a challenge worthy of many sketchpad pages indeed. With fire toys the likes of poi, clubs, staffs, fans, balls, hoops, ropes, palm candles and more, it needed to embody as many of these varied techniques and toys as possible in a playful and balanced logo.

Feuershow Convention is organised by feuershow.de and registration details can be found at the Poi and Friends community site.