Frankie Paterson Therapy

Frankie Paterson is a talented speech and language therapist from Hertfordshire. She wanted her logo to convey her personal and gentle approach to helping children improve their communication abilities, retaining a natural, hand-illustrated style while feeling professional and friendly.

The Design Process

After talking through initial conceptual ideas of nature, health and growth with Frankie, she had the illustration of a seedling done by a close friend and presented (delicately pencil-drawn) for morphing into a recognisable logo. Perhaps the biggest challenge was constraining the intricate lines of the pencil drawing detail inside a shape without overpowering the illustration.

Step one was to render the line drawing accurately, using a vector program to simplify the plant while staying true to the original hand-drawn illustration. The second step involved finding a way to hold the leaf in a colour or shape, as without any container the lines seemed a little busy, sometimes clashing with surrounding text or objects. So as not to overpower the drawing, I rounded the corners of the shape to keep the whole form feeling as soft, or light, as possible.

The colour option chosen by Frankie is a happy one – as her business involves children, the ochre yellow chosen feels warm and friendly. Using painted brushstrokes and keeping the gradation in saturation and texture aids the hand-drawn, earthy aspect of the logo, which sits just as well in the header of her website as it does on business cards, letterheads, social media applications. Check out her website here.